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What is Spryker?

The Spryker Commerce OS - more than a shop system. Facing increasingly complex customer journeys and a growing variety of devices, Spryker helps companies retain access to customers across any conceivable touchpoint: online shop, mobile apps, IoT (Internet of Things) scenarios, Blockchain, chat bot and voice integrations. Spryker helps you get there.

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Release Notes

Get an overview of the release notes for the features and enhancements shipped in May of 2020.

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We at Spryker take security very seriously and investigate all security issues reported. If you have encountered suspicious behavior or identified a vulnerability, please let us know.

Supported PHP Versions

Starting from September 2019, PHP 7.1 is no longer supported. Therefore, we strongly recommend switching to PHP 7.2+ until then.

Documentation Updates

Stay up to speed with all the updates to the documentation made for each release.