• 25 Jan 2020
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Partner Information


With nearly 20 years of experience, we are a pioneer in software development for email marketing. We support our customers and partners with fantastic service and grow their potential in a targeted way. In doing so, we draw upon a broad range of technology and services.Our solutions are influenced by our strong relationships with customers. We flexibly adapt our solutions to meet specific customer needs. Expertise that pays off: We have been implementing successful email marketing and multichannel campaigns for over 2,000 customers in more than 20 countries since 1999.


  • Broad portfolio of technology, service and know-how - from the standard solution to individual solution packages
  • E-mail delivery solutions for highly personalized newsletters, transaction mails, and automated e-mail campaigns
  • Delivery security via whitelisted mail server even with high mail volumes
  • Powerful interfaces for seamless integration into existing system landscapes
  • Software made and hosted in Germany
  • DSGVO-compliant e-mail marketing
  • Co-founder and member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA)
  • Award Winning: Competent, Fast and Reliable Customer Service and Support
  • Personal advice and contact person


To install Inxmail run the command in the console:

 composer require spryker-eco/inxmail:1.0.0


To set up the Inxmail initial configuration, use the credentials you received from your Inxmail server. Space id, key id and secret you can get from Settings → API keys panel on Inxmail server:

 $config[InxmailConstants::API_EVENT_URL] = '';
 $config[InxmailConstants::KEY_ID] = '';
 $config[InxmailConstants::SECRET] = '';

Event names depend on your events names on Inxmail server:

 $config[InxmailConstants::EVENT_CUSTOMER_REGISTRATION] = '';
 $config[InxmailConstants::EVENT_CUSTOMER_RESET_PASSWORD] = '';
 $config[InxmailConstants::EVENT_ORDER_NEW] = '';
 $config[InxmailConstants::EVENT_ORDER_SHIPPING_CONFIRMATION] = '';
 $config[InxmailConstants::EVENT_ORDER_CANCELLED] = '';
 $config[InxmailConstants::EVENT_ORDER_PAYMENT_IS_NOT_RECEIVED] = '';


New customer registration event

Inxmail module has \SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Communication\Plugin\Customer\InxmailPostCustomerRegistrationPlugin. This plugin implements PostCustomerRegistrationPluginInterface and can be used in \Pyz\Zed\Customer\CustomerDependencyProvider::getPostCustomerRegistrationPlugins.

 use SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Communication\Plugin\Customer\InxmailPostCustomerRegistrationPlugin

 * @return \Spryker\Zed\CustomerExtension\Dependency\Plugin\PostCustomerRegistrationPluginInterface[]
 protected function getPostCustomerRegistrationPlugins(): array
 return [
 new InxmailPostCustomerRegistrationPlugin(),

The customer asked to reset password event

Inxmail module has \SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Communication\Plugin\Customer\InxmailCustomerRestorePasswordMailTypePlugin. This plugin implements MailTypePluginInterface and can be used in \Pyz\Zed\Mail\MailDependencyProvider::provideBusinessLayerDependencies

 use \SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Communication\Plugin\Customer\InxmailCustomerRestorePasswordMailTypePlugin;

 * @param \Spryker\Zed\Kernel\Container $container
 * @return \Spryker\Zed\Kernel\Container
 public function provideBusinessLayerDependencies(Container $container)
 $container = parent::provideBusinessLayerDependencies($container);

 $container->extend(self::MAIL_TYPE_COLLECTION, function (MailTypeCollectionAddInterface $mailCollection) {
 ->add(new InxmailCustomerRestorePasswordMailTypePlugin())

 return $mailCollection;


 return $container;

Order Referenced Commands

Inxmail module has four different commands:

  • \SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Communication\Plugin\Oms\Command\InxmailNewOrderPlugin
  • \SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Communication\Plugin\Oms\Command\InxmailOrderCanceledPlugin
  • \SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Communication\Plugin\Oms\Command\InxmailPaymentNotReceivedPlugin
  • \SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Communication\Plugin\Oms\Command\InxmailShippingConfirmationPlugin

You can use this commands in \Pyz\Zed\Oms\OmsDependencyProvider::getCommandPlugins

 use SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Communication\Plugin\Oms\Command\InxmailNewOrderPlugin;

 * @param \Spryker\Zed\Kernel\Container $container
 * @return \Spryker\Zed\Oms\Communication\Plugin\Oms\Command\CommandCollection
 protected function getCommandPlugins(Container $container)
 $collection = parent::getCommandPlugins($container);

 $collection->add(new InxmailNewOrderPlugin(), 'Inxmail/SendNewOrderRequest');

 return $collection;

After that you are ready to use commands in OMS setup:

 <event name="authorize" onEnter="true" manual="true" command="Inxmail/SendNewOrderRequest"/>
 <event name="pay" manual="true" timeout="1 hour" />
 <event name="export" onEnter="true" manual="true" command="Oms/SendOrderConfirmation"/>
 <event name="ship" manual="true" command="Oms/SendOrderShipped"/>
 <event name="stock-update" manual="true"/>
 <event name="close" manual="true" timeout="1 hour"/>
 <event name="return" manual="true" />

API Requests

\SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Business\Api\Adapter\EventAdapter which extend \SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Business\Api\Adapter\AbstractAdapter contains all needed data for sending data to Inxmail for events.

It sends the request via &#xA0;\Generated\Shared\Transfer\InxmailRequestTransfer

 <?xml version="1.0"?>
 <transfers xmlns=""

 <transfer name="InxmailRequest">
 <property name="event" type="string" />
 <property name="transactionId" type="string" />
 <property name="payload" type="array" />


The payload for customer loads from &#xA0;\SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Business\Mapper\Customer\AbstractCustomerMapper::getPayload and for order from &#xA0;\SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Business\Mapper\Order\AbstractOrderMapper. Abstract classes can be extended and changed in &#xA0;\SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Business\InxmailBusinessFactory.

For right URL's to images in the email body you should extend \SprykerEco\Zed\Inxmail\Business\Mapper\Order\AbstractOrderMapper and implement protected method getImageItemLink(ArrayObject $images).

Copyright and Disclaimer

See Disclaimer.

For further information on this partner and integration into Spryker, please contact us.

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