Making the Legacy Demoshop Compatible with Publish & Synchronize

By following this document and adjusting all the necessary changes in the Legacy Demoshop, you will be able to set up the infrastructure for Publish & Synchronize. If you need to learn more about any requirements needed and changes made to each particular feature, read their own installation guides.

1. Add infrastructure modules

You need to adjust the composer.json to get the latest version of the Storage and Search modules. By executing this code you will be able to update the library you need for running Publish & Synchronize:

composer update "spryker/*"
composer remove spryker/event-behavior
composer require spryker/availability-storage:"^1.0.0" spryker/category-page search:"^1.0.0" spryker/category-storage:"^1.0.0" spryker/cms-block-category-storage:"^1.0.0" spryker/cms-block-product-storage:"^1.0.0" spryker/cms-block-storage:"^1.0.0"
spryker/cms-page-search:"^1.0.0" spryker/cms-storage:"^1.0.0" spryker/glossary-storage:"^1.0.0"
spryker/navigation-storage:"^1.0.0" spryker/price-product-storage:"^1.0.0"
spryker/product-category-filter-storage:"^1.0.0" spryker/product-category-storage:"^1.0.0"
spryker/product-group-storage:"^1.0.0" spryker/product-image-storage:"^1.0.0"
spryker/product-label-search:"^1.0.0" spryker/product-label-storage:"^1.0.0"
spryker/product-measurement-unit:"^0.2.0" spryker/product-measurement-unit-storage:"^0.2.0"
spryker/product-option-storage:"^1.0.0" spryker/product-page-search:"^1.0.0" spryker/product-relation-storage:"^1.0.0"
spryker/product-review-search:"^1.0.0" spryker/product-review-storage:"^1.0.0"
spryker/product-search-config-storage:"^1.0.0" spryker/product-set-page-search:"^1.0.0"
spryker/product-set-storage:"^1.0.0" spryker/product-storage:"^1.0.0"
spryker/url-storage:"^1.0.0"  spryker/product-quantity-storage:"^0.1.1"
composer require "spryker/synchronization-behavior":"^1.0.0"

2. Configure the Queue

Adjust queues before you start running the cron jobs, open QueueDependencyProvider.php

This only works if the Queue module is installed on the current server.

3. Activate cron jobs

Add the following jobs to jobs.php:

Then restart Jenkins:

vendor/bin/console setup:jenkins:generate

4. Adjust Config

We need to enable event behavior in config_default.php

// ---------- EventBehavior
		$config[EventBehaviorConstants::EVENT_BEHAVIOR_TRIGGERING_ACTIVE] = true;

5. Adjust Zed

Add EventBehaviorServiceProvider to all the ServiceProviders methods in ApplicationDependencyProvider.php

6. Adjust Console

Add EventBehaviorPostHookPlugin to the getConsolePostRunHookPlugins() method in ConsoleDependencyProvider.php

7. Adjust DataImporter

Add DataImportPublisherPlugin and DataImportEventBehaviorPlugin to Pyz\Zed\DataImport\DataImportDependencyProvider

Overwrite the core methods:

				* @return array
				protected function getDataImportBeforeImportHookPlugins(): array
				return [
				new DataImportEventBehaviorPlugin(),
				* @return array
				protected function getDataImportAfterImportHookPlugins(): array
				return [
				new DataImportEventBehaviorPlugin(),
				new DataImportPublisherPlugin(),

You can find all the changes in the following branch:

Using Collector data with P&S features

To be able to use the data structure provided by the collectors from Redis, you need to use your own module in a compatibility mode. You can simply do this by updating the `ModuleStorageConfig::isCollectorCompatibilityMode()` method of your storage module and return true.


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