Spryker in Docker

General information

This section is a complete stack for running Spryker in Docker containers using the Spryker Docker SDK tool.

Spryker provides a standardized and customizable way to bootstrap applications and prepare development and production environments.

Spryker containers follow the rules:

  1. Single responsibility - each container is responsible for a single role which must be defined in specification.
  2. Immutability - container does not create or change files in its own file system. If container requires storage, a volume should be designated for the purpose. Temporary files are not covered by the rule.
  3. A single process or a process group - there is a single process running as an entry point of container. The name of the process must be defined in specification.
  4. Process run without root permissions.
  5. Only single-purpose ports are exposed - the only exposed ports are the ones supporting the single responsibility of container. The port(s) must be defined in specification. Service ports are not covered by the rule.

Where to go from here?

Last review date: Aug 06, 2019