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FACT-Finder is a software for online shops. We provide on-site search, navigation, merchandising, personalisation and product recommendations – with a measurable impact: A/B tests have proven that merchants experience a conversion uplift of 10-33 %. More than 1600 online shops use FACT-Finder, among them are brands like Media Markt, Distrelec, MyTheresa, Misterspex and Bergfreunde.


To integrate with FACT-Finder, you will need your FACT-Finder account. If you do not have a FACT-Finder account, please contact FACT-Finder.


Composer dependency:

To install Spryker's FactFinder module, use composer:

composer require spryker-eco/fact-finder-sdk
composer require spryker-eco/fact-finder

If you faced an issue with the FACT-Finder library dependency and it is not installed, please use the following instructions:

  1. Add composer.json> file to the respective section of your project, "FACT-Finder/FACT-Finder-PHP-Library": "1.3.*"
  2. Add to the repositories section:
    {"type": "git","url": ""}
  3. Run composer update command:
    composer update

Feature Integration

FactFinder Module

To use Spryker's FactFinder module in your project:

  1. Add a new module to Pyz\Yves\ namespace and create a controller provider:
  2. Then add the created controller provider to YvesBootsrap file:
  3. Copy the config example from vendor/spryker-eco/fact-finder-sdk/config/config_default.php.dist to your project config file.

FactFinderSdk Module

To use the FactFindeSdk module directly in your module, you have to add a client to your dependency provider.

To add a client to the dependency provider, do the following::

  1. Add to the dependency provider:
  2. Add it to your factory:

Channel Configuration

Channel Management in FACT-Finder admin panel can be used for creating and removing the channels. It also creates parent-child hierarchy and manages backups.

By default, channel settings should be the following:

  • File encoding - UTF-8
  • Enclosing (quote) character - "
  • Field separator - ,
  • Number of header lines - 1
  • Data record ID - ProductNumber
  • Product number for tracking - ProductNumber

FACT-Finder User Management

FACT-Finder has its own User Management (permissions management) functions that allow you to set the authorizations for various modules at a fine, granular level. In this way, for example, individual users can only manage specific channels or check and maintain the associated configurations. This system of permissions is based on roles that provide access to the specific modules. These roles can be allocated to the user directly or indirectly via groups. Groups allow complex roles to be allocated in bulk, without having to assign them individually to each user.


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