Computop - PayNow

Front-end Integration

To adjust the frontend appearance, provide the following templates in your theme directory: src/<project_name>/Yves/Computop/Theme/<custom_theme_name>/paynow.twig


State Machine Integration

The Computop provides a demo state machine for the PayNow payment method which implements Authorization/Capture flow.

To enable the demo state machine, extend the configuration with the following values:

	ComputopConfig::PAYMENT_METHOD_PAY_NOW => 'ComputopPayNow01',

$config[OmsConstants::ACTIVE_PROCESSES] = [

PayNow Payment Flow:

  1. There is a radio button on Payment step. After submitting the order, the customer is redirected to the to PayNow checkout step. The step contains Credit Card form with the following fields:
    • Credit Card brand choice;
    • Credit Card number;
    • Credit Card expires date (in the format YYYYMM, e.g. 201807);
    • Credit Card security code (CVV);
    • Data (hidden field, encrypted parameters, e.g. currency, amount, description);
    • Length (hidden field, length of data parameter);
    • Merchant id (hidden field, assigned by Computop).

    Form posts directly to Computop paygate. After the process is requested, Computop redirects the customer to success or failure URL.

  2. By default, on success the customer will be redirected to "Success" step. The response contains payId. On error, the customer will be redirected to "Payment" step with the error message. Response data is stored in the DB.
  3. Authorization is added by default right after the success init action. Capture/Refund and Cancel actions are implemented in the Administration Interface (on manage order). On requests, Spryker will use payId parameter stored in the DB to identify a payment.


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Last review date: Jun. 14th, 2018