live chat service
  • Updated on 25 Jan 2020
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live chat service

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Partner Information

We are the plus for your company

LiveChat Service is an online service provider in the field of live chat. Through trained chat
operators, LiveChat Service ensures that they help their customers with new leads and
improved service through the website every day. The chat gives visitors the opportunity to
ask questions, leave comments and convert. This removes the barrier for chatters to leave
their data behind. It works faster, friendlier and easier.


  • Outsourcing chat to LiveChat Service
  • More sales: increasing conversion by answering questions of website visitors
    real time.
  • More service: live chat is an approachable contact channel that you can use
    from 07:00 - 23:00 during the week and from 09:00 - 23:00 during weekends.
  • More leads: on average we generate up to 20-25% of the chats into leads.
  • Less phone calls: by answering questions on the website, we’re reducing
    incoming calls.
  • LiveChat Software (Knowler)
  • For companies that wish to chat with their own employees we offer reliable
    and innovative chat software.
  • Available in 6 languages, including support.
  • The software allows chat operators to chat efficiently and effective.
  • Hybrid chat
  • We offer hybrid chat, because we can provide clients with both chat services
    and chat software. This allows companies to chat by themselves but forward
    chats to our service when they are too busy and/or we chat for them outside
    office hours.

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