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Many of the regular shoppers prefer not to keep their intended purchases in their heads, but create shopping lists instead. This is especially true for B2B customers, when repeated purchases might be made by different people from time to time, and a list of items to buy is a must to keep everyone in the loop.

Most often, buyers' shopping lists include items they purchase frequently, however the shopping lists can also be compiled sponatenously. To make it fast and easy for your customers to create new shopping lists as well as reorder items on the existing ones, the shopping list tool should be well noticeable and easily accessible. In Spryker shop, we have accomplished this by placing the shopping list widget right in the header. With the Shopping List Widget, customers can easily create new shopping lists as well as view details about the existing ones by just putting a cursor on a shopping list icon in the header. This feature will add convenience for your customers, save their time, simplify ordering process, as well as create an overall positive buying experience for your customers, inducing them to repeated purchases from your shop.

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Get a general idea of the Shopping List Widget feature Get a general idea of the Shopping List Widget feature
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