Full-Site Search


Give your customers the opportunity to search all products, categories and CMS pages with powerful search functionalities. Auto-completion helps customers by predicting the rest of a search string and offers a list of matching options. Furthermore, auto-suggest proposes on-the-fly page suggestions for products, categories or CMS Pages. The search also includes a “did you mean” suggestions plugin that offers typo corrections for the search string. Additionally, a fuzzy-search feature suggests search results that do not exactly match the search request. Mimic a dynamic category by saving a search result and embedding it like a category page in your Navigation. You can also place any full text search result in CMS Pages or Blocks and thus add another content layer to your shop.

  • Fuzzy searchs
  • Auto-completion
  • Search-suggestions
  • Did-you-mean
  • Categories and CMS pages in search results
  • Mimic a dynamic category by saving search result (save a link to Search Results Page)
  • Elastic search index to allow sorting by relevance, product reviews, price and name
  • Place full text search results in CMS placeholders (Search results page for )