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Discounts are a tool to support sales and marketing activities. With the Discount feature, gain the flexibility of using the tool in the ways that meet your business needs. You can easily define which items the discount should apply to. Choose the type of discount you want to offer: percentage based or fixed-price based one. Outline when the discounts should be applicable, exactly. Discounts can be applied to certain customer groups, products or time frames. For example, you can apply a discount to a group of products, if the quantity of those products in the customer’s cart fulfills predefined rules.

You can choose between two discount types - Voucher and Cart rule. Depending on the type, discount is applied when a Voucher code is entered in cart or automatically, when all the conditions are fulfilled. Apart from having two discount types, you can configure both to work the way you need using an in-built tool for query creation. It is also possible to implement customized calculator types to realize customized calculations.

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