Alternative Products Feature Overview

Suggesting product alternatives and substitutes is a great way to ease the user’s product finding process. Instead of forcing the user to hunt around product lists until they find just the right product, product alternatives let the user to jump from one product page to the next until they find a relevant item. It is an effective way to keep users on product pages.

For marketplace relations, Alternative Products are useful because for the Marketplace Owner it is irrelevant from what Merchant a buyer has bought a specific product. In case a specific Merchant does not have this product, the alternative product can be shown on the marketplace.

The Alternative Products feature allows the shop owner to set the alternatives for both abstract and concrete products in the Administration Interface: Products > Products.

The schema below illustrates relations between the alternative products:

All the available alternative products will be shown on the abstract product details page, if one of the following occurs:

  • all concrete products of an abstract one are in status "out of stock"
  • Discontinued Products feature is enabled

Alternative products can be attached to any product, but will be displayed only if the product becomes "out of stock" or "Discontinued".

Replacement for

Upon entering the product details page for the suggested alternative product, a shop user will see that the current product is listed in Replacement for section:

Set Product Alternatives in the Administration Interface

To set Product Alternatives for a product, a Shop Administrator needs to perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration Interface: Products > Products.
  2. Select the abstract product and choose its variant.
  3. Click Edit

    The Edit Concrete Product page opens.

  4. On the Edit Concrete Product page, select the Product Alternatives tab:

  5. To add product alternatives, enter Product Name or its SKU in the Add Product Alternative by Name or SKU field:

  6. After the alternative products are set in the Administration Interface, the shopper will see them on the product detail page:


Last review date: Fed 8, 2019