Scheduled Prices


Much like in other industries, in modern e-commerce industry, automation plays a great role. Automation allows you to avoid manual work, as well as prepare everything beforehand and use a passive approach in controlling the system after everything is set up. In e-commerce world, it is highly important when preparing for great events like Christmas sale. The Scheduled prices feature brings in automation into the process of price changes.

With the feature in use, instead of changing prices manually, you can prepare a list of prices with time frames which are to be applied automatically. Following the example with Christmas sale, you might want to increase prices of the products that are of great demand on a certain date before Christmas eve and decrease them on a certain date afterward. The feature enables you to specify the prices and the dates beforehand.

An in-built cron-job will switch the prices on the specified dates for all the specified products automatically. Apart from major events, you can use this feature to update prices across the shop without having to do it manually for each product, since the feature allows to do it in one place.

With all the functionality the feature provides, you can successfully and effortlessly run promotions and marketing campaigns.