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Some customers prefer to buy products in bulk, say, not just 40 apples, but a bag containing 40 apples. This holds true for almost all B2B customers as well as for some B2C buyers. To meet these expectations, the shop owners can offer products in different packaging units - items, bags, pallets etc. The shop owner can define a list of packaging units per abstract product. Besides, he/she can define if a packaging unit holds a fixed amount of products, or if customer can buy any amount of products in this packaging unit. Also, the shop owner can apply amount restrictions for products with packaging units.

For example, a bag of apples can be set to contain just 40 apples, or no more/no less than 10 apples, or the amount of apples in the packaging unit can only be a multiple of 10.

All this makes the Packaging Units feature indispensable for wholesale sellers and buyers as well as adds convenience for other users who might occasionally want to buy big amounts of products. Besides, due to ease and convenience of use, it can even urge customers to buy more. Packaging Units can also be used in promotional campaigns (for instance, "buy a pallet of Coca Cola and get 1 bottle for free) to increase sales as well as help to save money for both seller and buyer (a package of cans might cost less than the same amount of cans sold separately). Besides, the feature simplifies product management for customers and allows them to limit or set ranges of products sold in specific packaging units.


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