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Product measurement units designate standards which are used to express product quantity. Units of Measure vary depending on the product types and may be item quantity in some cases (e.g. devices), weight (e.g. fruits) or size (e.g. clothes) etc. in others. However just one measurement unit per one product is often not enough in terms of customer experience and efficiency of order processing. For example, when buying avocados, some customers would prefer buying 1 piece, the others - 1 kilogram or 1 pound. In the case of B2B deals, support of multiple Units of Measure per product is even more topical - the B2B customers might be willing to buy in meters, feet of cable, or even bobbins.

The Spryker Measurement Units per Product feature enables support of alternate units of measure. It allows your customers to buy in any measurement unit defined by the shop administrators while eliminating the possibility of human errors, as conversion from one unit of measure to another as well as price adjustments are made automatically in the system. Having this feature in place will also help you make customer order processing faster and more efficient by saving you the trouble of making all the manual calculations.

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