Product is Available Again


Nowadays, to keep up with the global e-commerce pace, one shouldn't only be able to attract customers, but bring repetitive business to their shop. There are many tools to do that, and the Product is available again feature is one of them.

This feature is shipped in a form of a newsletter to which customers can subscribe if a product is not available. This newsletter informs the customers who subscribed to it once the product is available again. It brings value to the customers as well as creates one more touch point for their interaction with your shop. You, as a shop administrator, can see what product there is a demand for by the number of subscribers and fulfill the demand. So, this is a win-win situation where customers are provided with a convenient tool to request a replenishment and get notified once it is done while you get to be the one who sells to them the requested products. Essentially, this feature enables you to respond quickly to the market's demands and keep your customers informed.

Module Reference

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  • Shop Modules
  • Eco Modules