To bring B2B customer communication to a new level, we have implemented the Comments feature. With this feature, the buyers can leave multiple comments in the cart to record specific details on the order that they might need in the future. These can be a conversation between company users on what products to include in the order and what quantities/measurement units to select or what shipping carrier to choose, etc.

For your customers, the Comments feature is an effective and convenient solution to communicate and collaborate inside and outside of their company. Also, it can simplify communication and support in the complex workflows, such as Approval Process, which will boost the company's productivity. You, as a shop owner, can gain the following benefits from this feature:

  • Improvement of customer satisfaction with your online store.
  • Higher conversion rates due to the convenience of the feature.
  • More sales – since customers can make a decision on placing an order much faster by communicating on it right in the cart page.
  • Understanding your buyers better, as you see the comments in the Back Office. You can use this knowledge, for example, to perfect your marketing campaigns.