Glossary Creation

In the Glossary you can easily store basic text information in different languages so your customers can switch to their preferred one. In the shop, all stored text keys will automatically be adjust, once language is switched.

By default, languages are identified by a locale:

de_DE meaning "German language in Germany"

de_CH means "German language in Switzerland"

Multi-Language set-up

All textual elements can be created in various languages to support content creation for multiple language set-ups, e.g. for your international stores.

  • Customers can switch locales in the shop
  • Locales can be shared among stores

The Glossary module has the responsibility to manage glossary keys that hold the localized content in the database.

For each entry in the glossary, keys table there is a corresponding entry in the Touch table. The Touch table has a time stamp that marks the last update that was made on that glossary keys that needs to be updated also in the front end key-value storage.

The glossary keys are kept in sync on the key-value storage by using a cron job that periodically runs the update storage collector command. The storage collector grabs the glossary key entries that were marked for update in the Touch table after the last storage update command was ran.

Setup Stores with Multiple Locales

This section describes the steps that you need to consider when you have to setup stores with multiple locales.

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