Gift Card Purchase and Management


The simple Gift Cards feature can help you increase website traffic, gain new customers and boost brand awareness. The purchase of a gift card generates an individual code that can then be used as a payment method during checkout. When paying with a gift card, customers are enabled to only use part of the total card value. The remaining value can be stored as leftover balance on the original code. During the Gift Card purchase process, shipment prices can be omitted, if the card is send via email. Also, to avoid fraud, certain payment methods, such as invoice, can be faded out.

Gift card is a prepaid certificate entitling its owner to use it for the purchase of products for the gift card’s value. Gift cards are usually purchased as a present, whereas the recipients have the full freedom of choice to buy from your shop. Gift cards are easy to buy and can be accessed immediately, and therefore they are an ideal option for last minute holiday shoppers. This all makes the gift cards a great way to increase sales, engage with new customers and promote your shop.

  • Partially usages can be realized with a balance or with additional gift cards.
  • Applied gift cards are stored as additional payment method to the order.
  • Codes can be generated based on a pattern.
  • Payment methods can be marked as incompatible with gift cards (e.g. to avoid the a customer buys a gift card and pays by invoice).
  • Shipment method can be filtered out in order to deliver a gift card by an email.
  • Buyers get notifications about a gift card usages.
  • Gift cards can only be applied in the same currency which they have been bought.

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