Content Items

The Content Items feature implemented in Spryker shop application allows you to focus on creating the content and then selecting where it should be inserted.

Content Item is a new abstraction layer for any content, such as image, text, product list, video, etc. you can create, edit, and add to one or several pages or blocks. Content items use a widget that decides where to insert the content and couples the content item with a template that specifies how it is displayed on the page. For example, as a content manager, you can add a banner which is a content item type, along with its template to any placeholder in blocks and pages of your online shop application.

With the Content items feature, you can easily create and manage content items located on multiple pages in Admin UI. Instead of editing every single page containing the content item, you can just go to the Content Items page and apply changes to the specific content item. After that, the content will be updated on every page it is assigned to.

Moreover, content can be retrieved and displayed on multiple touch points via API in the JSON format. Developers who work with different platforms can adjust a content item for their particular project. This will, in turn, allow companies to customize the content to their specific needs and deliver it to the devices their customers use most often.

The Content Items feature is a perfect solution for creating and managing customized content, for example, for marketing purposes or a better look&feel of your online shop. Support of multiple touchpoints improves customer experience and attracts prospects as well as allows for more flexibility for developers and shop owners.