Content Item Widgets

The Content Item Widgets come in handy for embedding Content Items in your online store website.

Content Item Widget is an essential UI element that can render one content item of a specific type on a block or page.

The Content Item Widget subfeature allows Back Office users to add a Banner, Abstract Product List that can also include its product groups, Product Set or File content item to pages and blocks of the store website, as well as manage the way they are displayed. Each Content Item Widget has configured templates to define its look and behavior in the online store.

Content Items Widget is a great way to boost pages with content items by using the widget to insert them and customize the appearance by choosing different templates for the same content item in your online store.

The Content Items Widgets will help you to:

  • enrich the content of your CMS pages and blocks
  • effectively implement your content items
  • reuse content items on multiple pages
  • provide a better UX to Back Office users