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Fulfilling small orders is not always worthwhile for the business, as operating costs, time and effort spent on processing such orders often overweight the profit gained. In such cases, implementing a minimum order value requirement might be prudent to make the orders handling process more efficient for shop owners. On one hand, you can just set a minimum order value, and if the cart value is below it, the buyers will not be allowed to proceed to order placement. On the other hand, you can set up a fee for processing small orders below the minimum value, or you can just show a message on the checkout recommending the buyers to add more items, but still let them place the order. Even though minimum order value is not a panacea for boosting average order values for all businesses and cases, when setting it, you get buyers to checkout with larger carts, which can increase your sales, as well as prevent waste of resources on small orders. By setting minimum order values, you can also ensure that your cost of items sold is not too high for each transaction, which in the long run can make your business more profitable. This feature could also be used in promotional campaigns, for example, you might want to offer free shipping for orders that are above the minimum value.


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