Users Control

Spryker Admin UI is used to administer all the internal operations and tasks related to the online store, such as orders management, inventory control, store maintenance activities and many more. A person who has been granted rights to perform tasks in the Admin UI is referred to as administrator, or Admin UI user. However the bigger is the online shop, the more clients it has, the more challenging it is manage it for one person. Therefore many shops have more than just one Admin UI user. The Users Control menu of the Admin UI is that area where all the Admin UI users, user groups and roles are managed.

On the User page, you can create new users that are allowed to access the Admin UI. Here you can also edit, deactivate, delete them as well as entitle the users to be agents. If you want to give or restrict user's access to a particular action or module, Roles page is just the right place for that. You might also want to group users based on the roles they have. To do so, just go to Groups page, create groups and assign users to them.