Understanding how sales orders work is an important part of running your shop, as your entire business depends on how efficiently you can manage the orders that customers make in your shop.

Probably most of your time administering the shop in the Administration Interface will be spent in the Sales menu where information about all of the orders that get processed on your shop is saved. Sales section contains 5 pages: Manual Order Entry, Refunds, Orders, Order Matrix and Reclamations.

To fulfill the complete order management cycle (from payment to shipment) and thus make money from your shop, you need to work with the Orders section where all orders can be viewed and processed.

You might want to check from time to time how many orders are stuck in a specific state for a certain period of time. For example, you might want to check what orders have been in an “exported” state for say 1 to 7 days. This is when the Order Matrix page comes in handy. With the Order Matrix you can easily identify such orders and ship them first thing not to keep your customers waiting for their orders for too long.

Handling order claims is the reality of doing business for most web-shops. Reclamations page is just what you need to easily handle all the order claims from customers.

If a customer changes their mind about an order, you can give him/her a refund for the order. All the refunded orders can be viewed on the Refunds page.