Updated: August, 2019

We at Spryker are happy to share our plans with you. Our plans are guidelines that give us direction, that moves us forward to continuously evolve and improve our product. However, we are also flexible and we constantly listen and adapt. Therefore, our plans tend to change. So although we are good fulfilling our commitments, we reserve the right to change our priorities, remove or add new features from time to time. If you are planning anything strategic based on this list, you might want to talk to us first, either by contacting your Spryker representative or one of our Solution Partners.

If you see a feature that you like, send us an email and let us know why the feature is important to you.

The roadmap contains features, and not architectural items, enhancements, technology updates or any other strategic releases we are working on. We kindly ask you not to base any business decision on these lists without consulting with us first.

Roadmap Q2-Q3, 2019 and Beyond

Content Management System (CMS)

Feature Description
Content Pages & Slots

Content Pages & Slots give you the freedom to inform, inspire, and intrigue customers in order to increase purchases and build brand loyalty.

  • Give Content Managers a full view of content slots available in store templates as well as CMS pages
  • Assign different content blocks to slots and control store and timeframe visibility
Managing Content Slots
  • All store templates that have configurable content are visible in Back Office UI
  • Content manager should be able to see what placeholders are available on each page and what content is assigned to them
  • Content manager can assign content to be show in these placeholders based on Locale, Store, and other parameters
  • Content slots can be reserved specifically to be managed by 3rd party CMS
Standardization of 3rd Party CMS Integrations

3rd party CMS:

  • Can take ownership of specific content slots
  • Provides Content Widget for retrieving block content and does server-side rendering in Spryker
  • Retrieves Spryker’s catalog content using Spryker’s REST API
Multi-store Navigation

Navigation is one of the most important elements of any online store. The Multi-store Navigation:

  • Supports Different Navigation Trees for multi-store setup
  • Defines what navigation elements to show based on:
    • Store
    • Customer

Commerce Functionality

Feature Description
Split Delivery

Enable your customers to choose multiple shipment addresses for different offices or facilities in one purchase. Alternatively, you can automate or manually manage the process of deciding if a split delivery is necessary, i.e., when an item is currently out-of-stock.

  • Introduces the Shipment object to group order items together
  • A shipment defines:
    • Shipment method
    • Delivery address
    • Delivery date
  • An order can have multiple shipments each containing several order items
Configurable Bundles

Give merchants the ability to guide customers through a complex purchasing process that involves selection of products from different product subsets while validating compatibility and pricing rules.

  • Create templates for Configurable Bundles
  • Define compatibility and pricing rules
  • Create partially preconfigured instances to simplify the purchase process
  • Guided navigation in the storefront to assist customer in configuration process
  • Supports configuration based pricing based on multiple SKUs and attributes
Adding Shipment Cost
  • Add shipping cost to Approval Process

  • Add shipping cost to Request for Quote

Split Order

Split Order gives businesses the ability to split orders to be fulfilled by different merchants, from different locations, and at different times.

  • Each suborder can be tracked independently
  • Customer is updated on status of each suborder

Return Management

Give your customers maximum flexibility through the Return Management feature. Using this feature:

  • Customers can request to return products from past purchases from the storefront
  • Shop owner will be able to offer either an Exchange or a Refund

Additional Storefront APIs

  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Product Sorting
  • Discounts & Vouchers
  • Converting Guest shopping after customer logs in
  • Multiple shipment and payment methods on checkout
  • Product options
  • Bundles
  • Product Set

Back Office APIs, with Glue API

Connect to 3rd party applications that can be used to manage backend data (e.g. PIM, CRM, etc.).

  • It will support management of:
    • Products
    • Stock
    • Prices
    • Orders
    • Customers
    • Content

Cloud Roadmap

Cloud enablement:

  • Multi-store setup configuration
  • Logging improvements + preconfigured Kibana
  • Docker setup customization
  • Application configuration: ENV based, validation
  • Heartbeats, etc.

Cloud support:

  • Templates for AWS
  • Pre-built docker images
  • K8S support
  • Support Cloud-services: SQS, DB, S3, etc.

Advanced Multi-Store Setup & Configuration

  • Admin UI for store management
  • Admin UI for payment methods management and multistore support
  • Simplified and standardized payment methods integration
  • Admin UI for shipment methods management and multistore support
  • Admin UI for warehouses management and multistore support


Feature Description
Extending your Store to a Marketplace
New Marketplace Specific Functionality
  • Marketplace Storefront
  • Marketplace Backoffice
  • Merchant Portal

The roadmap is presented for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, and not as a binding commitment. Spryker reserves the right to change timing and scope of released functionality based on input from our customers and changing market trends.

Check out the full version of roadmap and download it here.


Last review date: Aug 07, 2019