Updated: March, 2019

We at Spryker are happy to share our plans with you. Our plans are guidelines that give us direction, that moves us forward to continuously evolve and improve our product. However, we are also flexible and we constantly listen and adapt. Therefore, our plans tend to change. So although we are good fulfilling our commitments, we reserve the right to change our priorities, remove or add new features from time to time. If you are planning anything strategic based on this list, you might want to talk to us first, either by contacting your Spryker representative or one of our Solution Partners.

If you see a feature that you like, send us an email and let us know why the feature is important to you.

The roadmap contains features, and not architectural items, enhancements, technology updates or any other strategic releases we are working on. We kindly ask you not to base any business decision on these lists without consulting with us first.

Short Term Roadmap Q2-Q3, 2019

B2B Short term Roadmap

Feature Description
Quotation or Request for Quote
  • Reduce time required to negotiate a deal
  • Increase flexibility of the quotation process by supporting online and offline interactions
  • Real time collaboration between a customer and sales representative
  • Comments Widget
  • Supports multiple comments on a cart or a shopping list
  • Generic feature that can be reused anywhere in the system where multiple comments are needed
Shopping List Enhancements

To make using Shopping Lists even more efficient, we are adding two enhancements:

  • Calculating Total in Shopping Lists
  • Ability to export a Shopping List into a CSV file
Sharing Cart - Online & Offline

Shopping Cart Sharing - it’s about convinience of integrating different online and offline systems to improve collaboration when making complex purchases.

New ways for collaboration:

  • Export Cart to a CSV file
  • Unique Url per Cart for easy sharing

PunchOut Integration

PunchOut makes it more convenient for B2B

customers to do purchases.

  • PunchOut brings e-commerce experience into customer’s ERP system.
  • A B2B customer logins into an online shopdirectly from an ERP system, selects prod ucts, adds them to the cart, then ‘punches out’ the cart back to the ERP to place the order there
  • PunchOut Protocols
    • OCI
    • cXML

Core Commerce

Feature Description
Split Delivery
  • Support splitting an order into multiple Shipments
  • Introduces the Shipment object to group order items together
  • A shipment defines:
    • Shipment method
    • Delivery address
    • Delivery date
  • An order can have multiple shipments each containing several order items
Scheduled Price updates
  • Customers can add delayed price updates to their shop
  • A cron job will apply price updates at the required time to the required stores
  • If the new price is defined as a ‘Sale’ price, the original list price will be shown as crossed-out on product details page
Decimal numbers for stock quantity
  • Allow stock values to contain decimal numbers
  • For example, 10.214

  • This improvement will allow customers to represent product’s availability with decimal number quantities

Dynamic Bundle Price

  • Price for a bundle could be dynamically calculated based on the price of the products that are contained inside the bundle
  • Whenever a product price inside the bundle is updated, the bundle price will get automatically updated
  • Works with Volume price, merchant specific price, etc.

Content Management System (CMS)

Feature Description
Content Items
  • New abstraction: Content Item
    • Allows to separate content from placement and the way it is presented
  • New section in Content Management
    • Allows the user to see existing content items, useful information about them and create/edit them
    • User friendly UI
  • Content available in Twig templates or through API
  • Allow Content Items to be accessed through API
  • Makes Content created in Spryker CMS available for use in mobile or single page Javascript applications

Store Pages with Configurable CMS Blocks

Give Admin Interface users the ability to modify content blocks for the Homepage and other store pages

  • List of store pages is visible in Admin Interface
  • User can assign different content blocks to predefined placeholders

CMS Integration - Styla

  • Seamless Shopping Integration
  • Create Inspiring content and landing pages
  • Improve SEO-Optimization
  • API Integration to access products and shop data in STYLA‘s content editor
  • Make content shopable with add-to-cart function and hotspot shopping


Feature Description
B2B Login

B2B End-Customers login with a single company user login

  • User can switch between business units
  • See and work with business unit’s specific prices
  • Can manage company account resources
Multi Cart & Shopping Lists Functionality

Access multiple shopping lists and multiple cart

  • Share Shopping lists and carts
  • Access rights can be provided to individual users and also to all members of a business unit at once

Spryker Cloud Ready

Feature Description
Containerization of Development Environment

Cloud Enablements:

  • Containerization of B2C & B2B suites
  • On Mac & Linux platform
  • CI for building process
  • Improvements of core modules for:
    • Configuration
    • Building process
    • Logging
    • And more...

Long Term Roadmap Q3-Q4, 2019

Feature Description
Return Management
  • Customers can request to return products from past purchases from the storefront
  • Shop owner will be able to offer either an Exchange or a Refund
Configurable Products & Bundles
  • Configurable product feature will add the ability to define and sell products that the customer can customize before the purchase
  • Configurable bundles will allow customers to use guided navigation to select bundle configurations that fit their needs
Backoffice APIs

Connect to 3rd party applications that can be used to manage backend data (e.g. PIM, CRM, ...)

It will support the management of:

  • Products
  • Stock
  • Prices
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Content
Cloud Support in Production Environment

Cloud enablements:

  • B2B & B2C
  • Multi store setups
  • Windows support

Cloud support:

  • K8S / Openshift support
  • Clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Pre-built docker images for suites
  • Support Cloud-services: SQS, DB, S3, ...


Feature Description
Extending your Store to a Marketplace
New Marketplace Specific Functionality
  • Marketplace Storefront
  • Marketplace Backoffice
  • Merchant Portal

The roadmap is presented for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, and not as a binding commitment. Spryker reserves the right to change timing and scope of released functionality based on input from our customers and changing market trends.

Check out the full version of roadmap and download it here.


Last review date: Mar 26, 2019